Activate Your Intention


Finally, we get to the grand finale - activating your intention to win the lottery near the Source of Thought. At this point in the process you may feel a little dreamy. All the extra oxygen we put into the cells of the muscles and glands during the preparation phase has been used up and the body is coming to its senses to be refueled.

As you come out of the meditation, take a deep breath and begin to develop the image you used earlier when you created the foreshadowing intention. Really make an effort to use sensory information to clarify your intention. See the bright sun on the newspaper, feel the sun on your shoulder, feel the dampness of the paper in your hands, and hear the paper crackle as you open and fold the paper in your mind's eye. Focus all your attention on the lottery number that is published in the paper. Now realize that you have won the lottery. Most importantly, allow the feeling of love and joy to swell up inside you from the depths of your being. Allow these emotions to energize your winning intention. Visualize yourself with the winning ticket and really feel what it is like to win. Make the visualization as real as possible. Feel it with every fiber of your soul. The strong clear mental image combined with strong emotion near the Source of Thought acts like a radio tower radiating subtle energies that combine with subtle energies of the Source manifesting your intention. In a way, the subtle energies of the Source, now resonating with the frequency of the Mantra, acts like an amplifier focusing and driving forward your intention the way a ruby focuses light making it more powerful. Your strong energized intention, now supported by the Source of Thought, is driven forward and manifested in our day time reality.

The process is the same as the meditators that were able to affect random number generators in the Chapter titled The Science of Intention. You may recall, in these experiments, participants were able to affect random events sometimes on a global basis. It's as if this process of energizing an intention near the Source is particularly suited for random number sequences like the number sequences generated by lottery numbers. You can accomplish the same thing as those meditators. It has nothing to do with belief or faith. It has everything to do with creating subtle energies. How close you get to the Source is dependent on your ability to allow the Mantra to resonate with the Source. The mind is naturally drawn to Bliss, which emanates from the Source. You must allow this to happen. Trying, as discussed, will not work. Surrender to the goodness inside you. Once close to the Source, the clarity of vision and intensity of emotion will determine the manifesting power of the winning intention.

Fortunately, as discussed in chapter 4 The The Science of Intention the manifesting power of our intentions grow with each meditation. Remember Dr. Tiller's experiment where he was able to store the intention to change the acid/alkaline (pH) in water. The same thing happens when we use this system to energize a winning intention. It's like a pressure cooker, when enough pressure or subtle energy is built up, our intention is actualized and can have physical effects on the world around us.

As the meditation process ends, you will be in a semi-dream state of mind. This state of mind will encourage an enhanced dream state leading to a dream symbol. We will use this dream symbol to calculate a winning lottery number. In the next chapter, we explore how dreams and dream symbols are related to a random number generator called the Divine Proportion. We use dream symbols and the Divine Proportion to calculate a winning lottery number.

In summary, subtle energies are real. Use them by preparing your body with deep breathing, stretching and muscle compression. Oxygenate every cell in your body so your body does not call on the mind for more fuel. This will allow the mind to be drawn to its Source. Foreshadow your intention. Then use Mantra technology to get close to the Source of Thought. Activate a strong clear emotional intention when you are close to the Source. If you do this practice regularly, you will actualize your intention to win the lottery. In this way, Dr. Gopala teaches you to live a life of wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

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