A Winning Lottery System, Kelly Howell and the Secret of Attracting Wealth


Brain Sync, Inc. is a company founded by Kelly Howell that produces audio programs based on Gerald Oster EEG work that precisely tunes the brain to frequencies that drive brain activity into high level states of mind such as Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

Brain Sync programs have been clinically tested and are offered to patients at prestigious hospitals. EEG studies conducted at Harvard Body Mind Medical School and UCLA concluded that Kelly Howell's Brain Wave Audio Technology® prompts brain activity into extraordinary body-mind states such as Alpha. Scientists have taken the ancient mantra, which was used in ancient times to do exactly what the Brain sync programs are doing - providing a bridge between mind and the Source of Thought.


Kelly Howell has produced many audio products designed to induce a state of awareness using Brain Sync technology. We can use this technology to implant an energized intention close to the Source of Thought.

For example, Kelly Howell has produced a CD titled “Attract Wealth”, which incorporates brainwave techniques. Your mind relaxes into heightened states of awareness where messages of abundant prosperity are effortlessly absorbed. As the messages are received and retained you are guided through an energized visualization Kelly uses metaphors and symbols to highlight Dream Symbols, which are percieved and brought to the light of day. These guided visualizations, combined with brainwave technology, will encourage the Source of Thought to deliver a Dream Symbol that you can use to calculate a winning lottery number. These nightly practices of proactively attracting Dream Symbols support you in making prosperity a living, breathing reality in your life. This CD uses Theta as its principal brainwave pattern.

In The Secrets of Attracting Wealth, Kelly Howell produced a powerful intention visualization. This two-part meditation takes you into a profound trance state called Deep Mind, where hypnotic metaphors about Dream Symbols and the Source of Thought help you breakthrough bringing the Dream Symbol to waking state. According to Kelly Howell, you are guided to The Causal Plane, a very high plane of consciousness (near the Source of Thought) where what you visualize has incredible power to manifest.

She writes, “At this level of mind, you become what you think you are, for truly your thoughts are creative.” After weeks of listening to the CD, you’ll start attracting winning Dream Symbols, opportunities, and people to make your prosperity goals a reality. The results are profound and can be for you as they have been for me. To see more of Kelly Howell's works go to: http://www.brainsync.com/

To purchase Kelly Howell’s CDs go to: http://www.winning-the-lottery.org/ and click on Kelly Howell’s tab.