Brain Sync Technology


Scientists have found that by using the binaural beat technique, the brain syncs up the energized intentions with the Source of Thought. This syncing improves the probability of manifesting energized intentions. When this is happening, scientists have discovered that the brain experiences specific brain wave patterns that can be duplicated using Brain Sync technology.

These brain wave patterns are present when we daydream, fantasize, or visualize. Scientists believe these alpha and theta patterns are associated with relaxed, detached awareness. Consequently, experiencing these brainwave patterns provide a bridge between waking state, dream state, and the Source of Thought.

For example, without alpha wave patterns you will not remember your dreams when you awaken even though you recall they were strong, vivid, and meaningful. Without alpha wave patterns meditators do not recall their meditations even though they know they went to great depths and had many insights.

Modern science has taught us that these subtle states of consciousness can be experienced by mechanical means, as in the Brain Sync technology. Still others have taken this technology to new heights by producing CDs that produce binaural beat sounds precisely tuned to induce various qualities of mind.