Binaural Beat Frequencies and how they are used in Dr. Gopala's winning lottery system

For example, when a signal of 100 cycles per second enters one ear and 109 cycles per second enters the other ear simultaneously - the two hemispheres of the brain function together to "hear" not the actual external sound signals, but a phantom third signal - a binaural beat. In this example, the binaural beat would be a pulsation of 9 cycles per second - the exact mathematical difference between the two actual tones. Instead of hearing two different tones, you actually hear a rhythmic soothing pulsation beating at 9 cycles per second.

Binaural Beat Frequencies

It was then further discovered that binaural beat frequencies could drive or guide brain activity into a wide variety of specific brainwave states.

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Research results show that parts of the brain and eventually large areas of the brain begin to resonate sympathetically to this "phantom" binaural beat, in what is known as the Frequency Following Response. In the example above, the binaural beat is 9 cycles per second - which is in the relaxing range of brain wave activity called alpha. Many meditators when studied using EEG equipment also showed alpha brainwave activity when experiencing the Source of Thought.

In addition to driving brain activity into highly specific brain states such as: Beta for peak concentration and cognition, Alpha for relaxation and visualization, Theta for meditation, learning and memory, and Delta for sleep and healing; the rhythmic pulsations of binaural beats balance the right and left sides of the brain producing a remarkable state called hemispheric synchronization or coherence. Scientists noted that this rare phenomenon was accompanied by flashes of creative insight, euphoria, intensely focused concentration, deep calm and enhanced learning abilities. These are the same results reported by meditators using the TM Meditation Program.

Recent advances have refined these recording techniques into Harmonic Superimposition of binaural beat frequencies. Carefully tuned binaural beats are superimposed, layer upon layer causing different groups of neurons to fire at different frequencies. Dr. Gopala's winning lottery system uses all these techniques to help you calculate a winning lottery number based on your dreams.