Dream Book Tradition


Throughout all of recorded time, there have always been dream books used to win games of chance. From the first book ever written called the Rig Vedas, to modern day brain wave research, all revolve around the idea that we must activate an intention close the Source of Thought to win games of chance or obtain any other desire for that matter. More specifically, all dream books have a way of associating dreams with numbers. In this dream book, Dr. Gopala associates dreams with a specific number sequence. He then uses this dream sequence to derive the Divine Proportion, which is then used in the calculation of the winning lottery number. The basis of any predictive system is the way in which contact is made with the Source of Thought. Contact is always made by tuning the mind to a specific vibration or frequency. It has been found that when the mind is induced into specific brain wave frequency, it naturally settles inward toward the Source of Thought. This chapter discusses a modern scientific approach to experiencing the Source of Thought using brainwave technologies. The next chapter, discusses a yogic approach that uses Mantras to induce frequencies into the mind allowing contact with the Source. Latter chapters discuss the activating of an energized intention close to the Source of Thought.


In Dr. Gopala's lectures he often compared the modern approach toward learning a super normal skill like lottery prediction or levitation to the ancient methods. In both approaches, discussion about contacting the Source of Thought through dream state as in this book or directly through a trance is undertaken. These practices lead to a healthy life, more creative thinking, and winning lotteries through energized intentions. Scientists now believe that they have the technology to guide us directly into deep meditations where we can leverage the powers of mind to experience the Source of Thought. This new technology uses sound waves (similar to mantras) to encourage its listeners into the higher states of consciousness, where an energized intention can be activated.

Brain Wave Technology was originally discovered in the early 1970's by Gerald Oster, a biophysicist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. In his EEG research, he discovered that when different vibrations, or sound frequencies, are delivered to the brain separately through each ear (as with stereo headphones), the two hemispheres of the brain function together to "hear" not the external sound signals, but a third phantom signal.

Brain cells sympathetically resonate and vibrate in response to the binaural beat, in the same way a crystal goblet resonates and vibrates in response to a pure musical tone. Like meditation, these sounds guide brain activity into highly specific, organized, and coherent patterns that allow access to the Source of Thought.