Use this winning lottery approach using alpha brainwave patterns

Recent scientific research indicates that individual brain states ranging from sleep to creativity are marked by combinations of different brain wave frequencies. The Brain Sync Harmonic Superimposition technique provides a number of highly specific binaural beat frequencies, and combines them simultaneously so that the binaural beats themselves create harmonic beat frequencies with the other binaural beats, to produce a highly specific brain state. Isn’t this just like using different mantras to develop various qualities of mind? Some mantras were used to generate love and devotion, others for the ability to manifest desires. Dr. Gopala uses this information in his winning lottery appraoch to help you attain financial freedom.

The frequencies selected are very powerful "Window Frequencies" ranging from the low delta range, associated with sleep and healing, upward through theta, alpha and into the very high beta range associated with restful alertness and the attainment of the fourth state of consciousness.

A lot of the above information came from an article written in the Scientific American Magazine (October 1973)

Brain Sync Technology

Scientists have found that by using the binaural beat technique, the brain syncs up the energized intentions with the Source of Thought. This syncing improves the probability of manifesting those intentions. When this is happening, scientists have discovered that the brain experiences specific brain wave patterns which can be duplicated using Brain Sync technology.

These brain wave patterns are present when we daydream, fantasize or visualize. Scientists believe these alpha and theta patterns are associated with relaxed, detached awareness. Consequently, experiencing these brainwave patterns provide a bridge between waking state, dream state and the Source of Thought.

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For example, without alpha wave patterns you will not remember your dreams when you awaken even though you recall they were strong, vivid and meaningful. Without alpha wave patterns mediators do not recall their mediations even though they know they went to great depths and had many insights.