A Dream Lottery System Overview

Prosperity is a state of grace

In Dr. Gopala's dream lottery system, Prosperity is a state of grace, abundance and well being that is within your grasp. It is your right – No – it is your human duty to be happy and wealthy. But, you must choose it! You must go after wealth and prosperity with gusto, determination and perseverance. You have no right to be poor.

To live and not be wealthy is a misfortune. You could have been born rich just as easily as having been born poor. No matter where you are now; no matter how frustrated you are; no matter how desperate you are, you can overcome the obstacles that stand in your way to an abundant life. You have the power to change the world by changing your thoughts, feelings and intentions. You have the power and ability to manifest wealth and abundance. This book will start you on this path.

Ninth Yogic Power

The author and publisher believe that within each one of us is a powerful energized spirit. This spirit seeks fulfillment in the world through the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. But the knowledge that our spirits seek which would allow it to blossom has been forgotten by many of our spiritual leaders. The food which our spirits so desperately need is not available through traditional cultural channels. This book tries to inform the reader of the possibilities available to people, albeit in a nontraditional way, that will lead to wealth and prosperity. That is, to a state of grace producing an abundance of wealth and prosperity. Dr. Gopala looks at this state of grace as the ninth yogic power.

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Over the last 4,000 years, knowledge of the potential of the human spirit has come to light when needed most by people. Today seems to be that time. Most would agree that yoga has become a household word in the last few decades. And, Noetic Science has made significant inroads in studying yogic practices and has made more than a few innovations regarding human potential. Dr. Gopala has taken all that is known in yoga and Noetic science and condensed this knowledge and wisdom into a system that produces wealth by using the mind and spirit to predict a specific future event.