The Dream Lottery System and Noetic science

So, using the predictive ability of the mind as tought in the Dream Lottery System is not out of the questions. Really, there are a lot of incredulous examples that we could talk about that would show we do not understand our day time reality as well as we think we do. For example, did you know that time almost stands still at the event horizon of a black hole in space. Did you know that if we put you on a space ship and speeded you up to near the speed of light for a few years when you came back to earth 100 years would have gone by? You would have traveled into the future. This is incredulous and unreasonable, yet proven by Nobel Prize winning scientists all around the world.

With these scientific examples it is not hard to believe that there exists a field of being – a fourth state of consciousness - available to you that has predictive potential. Although we decided to call this fourth state of consciousness the Source of Thought, this experience has gone by many other names over the last 4000 years. A few names are Atma, Para, Pure Awareness, Transcendental Awareness, Bliss Consciousness, Samadhi, Transcendental Consciousness, and State of Being. And now a new more modern name, The Unified Field coined by Dr. John Hagelin, a director at the Institute for Noetic Science.

You have no right to be poor

If clocks tick at different speeds because time and space is curved, then the Source of your Thoughts can predict a future event such as a lottery number given the proper tools and training outlined in the Dream Lottery System. It’s not a matter of belief; it is a fact. But, you must choose it! You must go after wealth and prosperity with gusto, determination and perseverance. You have no right to be poor.

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Yogic and Noetic Science approach

The approach taken in this book, in order to teach you how to win the lottery using your dreams, is a combination of ancient yogic skills and modern Noetic science. One of the skills that must be learned is the ability to energize an intention near the Source of Thought. In our system, an energized intention is best accomplished through a strong and robust visualization before falling to sleep. In order to teach these skills two techniques are discussed. The first technique is based on yoga meditation. The second technique discussed is based on biophysicist Gerald Oster’s brainwave therapy discoveries.