The Dream Lottery System is a process

The system is a process

Using the Dream Lottery System, we believe you have the power to win the lottery by having a dream, looking up a dream symbol and calculating the winning number using charts based on a number called the Divine Proportion. I know it sounds incredulous. I know it sounds unreasonable. I know it sounds unbelievable. But it is true and it is a reality. However, we are not saying that it is easy. The system is a process. You need to practice the system to get good at it. But you have the power using this system to create wealth and prosperity beyond your imagination. You have no right to be poor.

An incredulous example

Look at it like this! Let’s take my wrist watch and your wrist watch set them to exactly the same time and put them both on the kitchen table. Let’s take your wrist watch and put it on a rocket ship and let it orbit the Earth a few times. Let’s bring your watch back and set it on the kitchen table. Let’s look at the time on each watch. They will show different times. Scientists have shown that clocks tick at different speeds the further away one clock gets from a gravitational field as large as the Earths. How can this be? This is incredulous. It is unreasonable to think that clocks tick at different speeds under any conditions. Still, the United States Army adjusts the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites every 15 minutes because the clock on the Earth and the clock on the satellite in space tick at different speeds. If the clocks are not adjusted our GPS system does not work. The culprit here is Dr. Einstein. Einstein proved that space and time are related in strange ways which mere mortals like us may never understand. Just like in space, at the most subtle level of mind, time and space are not as we experience it during waking state which gives it predictive potential. As you will see, this subtle level of mind is unbound by time and space. We have named this subtle state of mind the Source of Thought. We will show you how to contact the Source of Thought and use its predictive potential to manifest wealth and prosperity using the Dream Lottery System.

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