The Dream Lottery System - Simple Method

How many dreams -- How many nights?

Many of the emails received by the Dream lottery System site state that the information on yoga, the Source of Thought, brainwave patterns and Brain Sync products are nice, but “How long it will take before I hit the lottery using your system?” To answer this question, let’s talk about Terry Fisher. Terry has won first prize twice winning over a million dollars each time using strategies similar to those outlined in this book. See check insert. He also won many second prizes over $10,000. But it took him three years. He is fond of saying, “I have failed to win first prize 148 of the last 150 weeks”. Nonetheless, he did win. So, this system is a process. You may win the first time you use the lottery system or you may not. But, you will get more lottery numbers correct more often and eventually you will win. He went after wealth and prosperity with gusto, determination and perseverance. You must also. You have no right to be poor.

Simple Method

The simple method gets you started quickly. Use this method immediately. Work on practicing journalizing your dreams and calculating lottery numbers. First, of course, you need to have a dream. In our example on the home page, Click Here to see the example on the Home Page

Mary had a dream about a tornado. When she awoke, she quickly jotted down a few notes about her dream. Then, she looked up her dream symbol (tornado). The subject of your dream is the dream symbol which is looked up in the Dream Symbol Chart. Then Mary used a “Dream a Lottery Win Today Worksheet” to calculate lottery numbers.

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