A Dream Lottery System and Noetic Science

Yogic Approach

The Dream Lottery System recommends using a meditation technique. When meditating, a mantra is repeated while the meditator sits quietly. The mantra is chosen for its sound quality and it is this sound quality and meditation technique that draws the mind to the Source of Thought. This mantra meditation technique not only draws the mind to theSource of Thought but transcends mind and allows the meditator to experience the Source of Thought directly. Remember, it is the Source of Thought that has the predictive potential that we seek. As we said above, the Source of Thought is not bound by time or space, and consequently only needs an energized intention to reveal a correct prediction. This technique has been used for 4,000 years to contact the Source of Thought. It has only been the last four of five decades that science has taken an interest and studied this mantra meditation approach. The scientist found that when meditators experience the Source of Thought, Alpha brainwaves are produced by the meditator.

Noetic Science Approach

Noetic scientists such as Gerald Oster has studied this yogic phenomenon and found that if two different sound frequencies are delivered to the brain separately using stereo headphones the brain does not hear each frequency separately but synchs the two frequencies together. Using this technique, he is able to induce alpha, theta and other brainwave frequencies in the brain. This technique, like the yoga technique, allows us to deliver an energized intention to the Source of Thought thus allowing us to receive a dream symbol which will lead to wealth and abundance through winning the lottery.

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Since Gerald Oster’s work in brainwave frequencies, products have been created allowing us to use this technique without years of yoga practice. In the chapter on “Energize your Intention” we discuss Kelly Howell’s Brain Sync products. These products allow us to set energized intentions deep into the Source of Thought.