MATTER - Hardly a fragrant whisper

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MATTER - Hardly a fragrant whisper

In the theoretical area of the science of directed energized intention, Dr. William Tiller has made many contributions. For the last 35 to 40 years, in parallel with his traditional scientific work and teaching at Stanford University, Dr Tiller, Ph.D. has been seriously investigating the effects of human intention on both the properties of materials (inorganic and organic, non-living and living) and on physical reality. Dr. Tiller states in his white paper titled "A brief Introduction to Intention-Host Research" that, …From this research, I and my colleagues have discovered that it is possible to make a significant change in the properties of a material substance by consciously holding a clear intention to do so.

This is big news. Showing through real world observation that conscious intention has the power to manifest desires in the real world of everyday life is a world view paradigm shift. But, the actual experiments that Dr. Tiller performed to prove the power of intention is even more startling. For example, Dr. Tiller and his group of scientists have repeatedly been able to show a change in the acid/alkaline balance (pH) in a vessel of water, either up or down, without adding chemicals to the water, by creating an intention to do so. This is exciting, but even more exciting is the fact that Dr. Tiller's group has been able to use a simple electronic device and store a specific intention within its electric circuit. Dr. Tiller states in his white paper, This is important because now this intention hosting device can be placed next to a vessel of water at any physical location and one can expect to obtain the same results. . In this way, we have had others replicate these water results at multiple locations around the world, such results are consistently reproducible.

How is this possible? Dr. Tiller argues that from his experimental work over the last ten years, his group discovered that there is actually two levels of physical reality, not just the one with which we are all familiar. It is this new level of physical reality [subtle energies] that can be influenced by human intention - not our familiar physical/cause and effect, level of reality.

Dr. Tiller goes on to say, ….The two basic kinds of unique substances [subtle energies and everyday reality based on atoms and molecules] inhabiting these two levels of physical reality appear to interpenetrate each other but, normally do not interact with each other. We label this state as the uncoupled state of physical reality. In the uncoupled state, with ones five physical senses, we can detect our normal physical environment all around us. This new level of substance,[subtle energies] because it appears to function in the physical vacuum (the empty space between the fundamental electric particles that make up our normal matter like electric atoms and molecules) is currently invisible to us and to our traditional measurement instruments. But, this new level of substance is affected by our conscious intention.

Dr. Tiller and the other scientists mentioned above seem to have found a way to verify the existence of the Source of Thought through direct observation instead of through direct experience as has been the way for thousands of years. For many thousands of years the Source has been experienced as pure awareness. It is now being observed as a subtle energy that can be put into action through intention. Most interesting is how Dr. Miller activated the intention. In Dr. Tillers own words, Our novel procedure for introducing a specific intention into the intention hosting device was to do it mentally and emotionally from a deep meditative state.

Besides the above mentioned white paper, Dr. Tiller has written Psychoenergetic Science, Science and Human Transformation, and Conscious Acts of Creation. In these books, for the first time, a rigorous experimental protocol is developed allowing human consciousness to meaningfully alter the properties of physical materials via specific human intentions!

The experimental data portion of these books shows, via the use of IIEDs (Intention Imprinted Electrical Devices), how human intention can robustly influence physical reality. These experiments deal with inorganic materials like water, in vitro organic materials like enzymes, and in vitro living systems like fruit fly larvae.

One of the more interesting questions answered in his work is just how powerful energized intention is. How powerful could it be? Energized intention may be powerful enough to change the Ph in water, but is it powerful enough to change a life, heal the sick, or bring about wealth and prosperity? Is it powerful enough to actualize the yogic powers described in ancient books like the Bhagavad-Gita and Patanjali's Sutras?

In the Conscious Act of Creation, Dr. Tiller says, If you could take the volume of, say, a single hydrogen atom (which is incredibly small, an infinitesimally small fraction of a cubic centimeter), and multiply that by the average mass density of the cosmos, a number which is known to astronomers. What you find out is that within the amount of vacuum [Source of Thought] contained in this hydrogen atom there is, according to this calculation almost a trillion times as much energy as in all of the stars and all of the planets out to a radius of 20 billion light years!

If human consciousness can interact with the [Source of Thought] even a little bit, it can change our physical reality. This is so, because the natural state our reality is supported by atoms and molecules, which in turn is supported by subtle energies. So if you can redirect subtle energies, change its degree of order or coherence even a little bit, you can change the energies of atoms, molecules, and chemical equations. You have changed physical reality.

Dr. Tiller goes on to say, despite our attachment to it and our feeling of its solidity and persistence, what we think of as the physical universe is an almost incomprehensibly miniscule part of the immensity of All That Is. Our future lies in harnessing the energies that lie hidden in the spaces between the particles, atoms, molecules, planets, stars, and galaxies of the physical universe.

Matter as we know it, Tiller states poetically, is hardly a fragrance of a whisper.


Today, in the modern era, scientists argue over quantum intent, unified fields, and Psychoenergetic modalities. Scientists debate and criticize each other; still others just dismiss the new discoveries concerning intent, time displacement, and the Source of Thought as folly. They debate the spiritual theorists and criticize the Mantra technologists and smirk at the concept of meaningful Spiritual technologies. However, once the Source of Thought is experienced, there can be no debate. In all our mutual vulgarities, our reasons are the same. There is no one to blame. There is really nowhere to go, when the only truth one knows, comes so easily.

When God walked among us, not that long ago in the body of a man named Jesus Christ he said, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock , and it shall be opened unto you: For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. –Matthew 7:7-8

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