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Powerball Strategies and Game Matrices

Let’s use an example to show you how to use these powerball strategies. Let’s say you wanted to play 7 games using the 10 numbers.

The ten numbers we wnat to play are: 6 12 18 30 48 55 41 51 20 24. We do not include the Powerball number when calculating the total amount of numbers available to us. The “7 Games – using 10 numbers matrix” which lists Matrix numbers 1 through 10 is the template we would use. Using the matrix template above, replace 6 with 1 in the appropriate game line.

Replace 12 with 2. Replace 18 with 3. Replace 30 with 4. Replace 48 with 5. Replace 55 with 6. And so on until the entire matrix is full. Include your Powerball number. Now, copy each game line on to your play slip. Based on your dream numbers, you will be playing the best combinations available to you.

Click Here for more about how Dr. Gopala combined lottery symbols with powerball strategies.

Above all, please play within your budget. With Dr. Gopala’s powerball strategies, you do not need to play a lot of numbers. So, watch your playing budget.

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