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Powerball Strategies the Partial Game Matrices

Good Powerball strategies suggest that since we cannot afford to play all the combinations generated by the general strategy, how can we play the best combinations? These combinations would be those combinations that would lead to the most secondary prizes if we do not win the jackpot. See the chart titled “5 games using 8 Numbers”. Out of a total of 56 total combinations the Matrix lists 5 game combinations. These combinations are organized in such way that they give you a good chance to win secondary prizes if you do not hit the jackpot. In the Matrix which lists five games using eight numbers, if 3 of your numbers are winning numbers out of the eight, then at least two of the winning numbers will show up in three of the five games.

Later, you will find a Matrix that lists 20 games using eight numbers.

This matrix secures at least one four number prize if four of the five winning numbers are winners. Of course, you could win more prizes then those that are secured. But at least if you pick four of the winning numbers you can be assured that you will win a four number prize. All the Matrices are set up in a similar fashion. All increase your probability of winning a secondary prize if two or more of your numbers are winners.

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