The Lottery Number Sequence


The Divine Proportion and the Lottery Number Sequence share many qualities and attributes. For our purposes, they are the same number. For example, the following sequence are the winning numbers from the Michigan evening daily 3 number lottery game from the summer of 2013.

June 21 the winning number was 851. June 22 the winning number was 923. June 23 the winning number was 924. June 24 the winning number was 991. June 25 the winning number was 364. June 26 the winning number was 015. June 27 the winning number was 418. June 28 the winning number was 473.

Putting each number next to other in a sequence, we generate a lottery number sequence for the time period given. Consequently:

851923924991364015418473…….to infinity.

Assuming a fair and random lottery draw and that the lottery will continue as long as people are around to play, then the lottery number sequence is a never repeating and a never ending random sequence. These attributes are the same as the Divine Proportion. Both sequences will continue without repeating for an infinity.

Let's look at the Divine Proportion sequence:

1.618033988749894848204582045868………to infinity.

Let's compare our Lottery Number Sequence to the Divine Proportion an infinite number of times. Eventually, we would be able to match them number for number precisely. This is why we say that for our purposes they are the same number. The Source of Thought is not bound by time or space. The Source of Thought is the only way to predict where along the spectrum of sequences a new number will fall. This is a learned ability. This so called super normal skill is accomplished in Dr. Gopala's lottery system by setting an energized intention close to the Source of Thought allowing the Source of Thought to tune into or match up the Divine Proportion with the Lottery Number Sequence. This is how we win lotteries consistently. Deepak Chopra in his best selling book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire wrote, Miracles happen every day. Not only in remote country villages or at holy sites halfway across the globe, but here in our own lives. They bubble up from their hidden source, surround us with opportunities, and disappear. They are shooting stars of everyday life. When we see shooting stars their rarity makes them seem magical, but in fact they streak across the sky all the time.


Dr. Gopala uses the Divine Proportion to help you predict a lottery number from the lottery number sequence which, as we have seen, has the same properties as the Divine Proportion. To do this, he has incorporated the signs of the Zodiac. Dr. Gopala, in addition to lecturing on the Siddhis (Yogic Powers), was also was fascinated with Indian Astrology. He believed that at the time of our conception, massive bodies in space had an influence on our Being and the type of person we eventually would become. That is, certain personable attributes and qualities are acquired because of the arrangement of heavenly bodies and their subtle energies at the time of conception. The Divine Proportion influences these massive bodies in space. So, Dr. Gopala tunes each individual to the Lottery Number Sequence through the Divine Proportion using the ancient school of Astrology.

Consequently, the Zodiac charts in this book are based on the Divine Proportion. In all there are twelve Zodiac charts, one for each person's sign. Look at the graphic titled Aquarius. By the way, all the Zodiac charts can be found in the chart section near the end of the book. If you are an Aquarian, your sign starts on January 20 and runs through February 18. If you were born during this period you are an Aquarian. Each sign chart in this book runs from Jan 1 to December 31 sequentially for easy lookup.

The Aquarius sign begins on January 20. Look at Dr. Gopala's sign chart graphic. The number on January 20 is 16. The next number on January 21 is 18. The next number is 03. If we combine these numbers we get 161803. Is this number sequence beginning to look familiar? It is the Divine proportion. Each of the Zodiac charts starts the Divine Proportion sequence on the day your sign begins. But, what is the connection between the Zodiac signs and people? We know that the Divine Proportion has a significant role to play in the formation and life cycles of heavenly bodies like stars and black holes. But how do these massive bodies in space affect the average person on earth? It is believed by initiates of the Ninth Siddhi that each of us is divinely inspired at the moment of our conception. Precisely how our original cell divided for the first time in our mother's womb and grows is influenced by subtle energies generated by the position of the sun, the planets, and their position relative to the black hole in the center of the galaxy. These subtle energies affected how our genes, DNA, and other life supporting processes came together to create us. These planetary positions that affect us at conception were mapped thousands of years ago and came to be known as the Zodiac. Many believe that is why people with different Zodiac signs seem to have different personality traits. For example, Aries are said to be active, demanding, determined, and ambitious while the Gemini is inquisitive, intelligent, changeable, and indecisive. Each sign has its own personality characteristics. These characteristics were determined by the radiance of subtle energies at the time of conception. Dr. Gopala uses this knowledge to adjust the dream symbol number with the individual's conception date using the Divine Proportion. As a personal note, astrological signs are determined by birthdates not conception dates. It may be that it was easier for the ancients to determine birthdates as opposed to the date of conception. Nonetheless, a typical nine month gestation period is pretty average. Consequently, in the long run it probably doesn't matter everything being relative.


Why should these subtle energies have any affect on us? What do the stars, black holes, and other massive objects in space have to do with you? In 1987 NASA sent an astronomical satellite into earth orbit to study the death of a large star called a supernova. The finding confirmed a widely held theory that such supernova produces most of the 90-odd chemical elements heavier than hydrogen and helium. These elements include carbon and iron, the main elements essential to life. It is only through the death of the largest stars in the universe that the heaviest elements are created. We now know that the iron in your blood was created inside a star. The carbon on earth used to create us and all the elements of life were created in a star. As a matter of fact, every element in our bodies including our nervous system, brain, and organs were created inside an exploding star. We literally vibrate with star stuff. With this knowledge, it just makes sense that we should react to the subtle energies produced by stars and other massive bodies in space. Stars created us. We really are the children of stars. These subtle energies that created us also keep us healthy and well and can be redirected by our minds through energized intentions to change our lives towards abundance and wealth. The manipulation of these subtle forces some call the life force is the basis of many Yogic systems including Dr. Gopala's winning lottery system.

Not surprisingly, most of the knowledge about stars and other massive bodies in space, and the subtle energies they produce, come from the really old books like the Bhagavad-Gita, the Rig Veda, and Pantenja's Sutras. One book titled The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar details a profound and revolutionary idea. Sri Yukteswar was especially skilled in Jyotiṣa (Indian Astrology). In 1894, he rediscovered the ancient idea of the ages of man called the Yugas by the sages and maharishis of the time. His theory is that the sun is in a binary relationship with another large body in space. It takes approximately 26,000 years for the sun to make a complete cycle in its binary orbit. As the sun moves in its orbit, at times it is close to its binary partner, and at other times very distant from its partner. When very close to its partner, subtle energies from both stars mix and form a harmonious vibratory wholeness. Subtle energies become denser enabling energized intentions to have greater manifesting abilities. According to Sri Yukteswar, every 26,000 years, "mental virtue" meaning our way of being, becomes so much more developed that man can comprehend all of nature even "the mysteries of the spirit". In other words, all men and woman on earth develop all the yogic powers like clairvoyance, telekinesis, astral projection, prophecy, healing, and specific prediction. Our star has gone through this cycle many times in the last million years. Consequently, according to this myth, our spirits have had super normal powers in the past. We only need to rediscover them again to use them. We do this by developing and directing the subtle energies within us. This is accomplished using spiritual technologies like mantra chains, yogic breathing, and energized intentions. We really are children of the stars!

And, at the most profound level, the Divine Proportion is there governing, shaping, nurturing, and creating the universe we live in.

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