Time Displacement Phenomenon

Beating "Chance" using Time Displacement techniques

The scients had shown that an energized intention is a real and palpable force that can be harnessed by the mind to accomplish tasks like telepathy and healing. They also showed that this energy could be transmitted over large distances instantaneously. But, does the Source of Thought exhibit time aberrations as well as distance aberrations? Could there be a clue here explaining the basis for prophetic vision? Lynne McTaggert seemed to think so. If these scientists could prove that the Source of Thought was not bound by time or space, then many of the tenets revealed in the old books like the Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanishads would be given new life. After all, it is this attribute that gives us the ability to learn a skill like prophetic vision, the skill needed to be successful in Dr. Gopala's lottery system.

Back to physicist hipsters Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne at PEAR. They had been running REG trials for over twenty years. Inadvertently, they discovered time displacement phenomenon in their REG trials. So in some 87,000 experiments volunteers were asked to attempt to mentally influence the "heads" and "tails" random output of REGs in a specific direction anywhere from three days to two weeks after the machine had run. Unbelievably, these "time displaced" experiments achieved even greater success than the standard experiments. The very idea that an energized intention activated near the Source of Thought could work equally well "backward", "forward", or in normal time sequence, made Jahn realize and write that our conventional notions of time needed to be discarded. It is easy to see how this diverse and varied group of scientists working on this topic has clearly corroborated Dr. Gopala's vision for prediction.

But scientists didn't stop the time displacement studies. Helmut Schmidt created an elegant new version of time displaced REG remote viewing to determine once and for all if someone's intention could change a machine's output after it had been run. He attached audio devices to his REG machines so that they would randomly send an audio signal – a click – that would be taped and heard through a set of head phones by either the left or right ear. He ran the REG machines first and tape recorded the output, ensuring that no one, even himself, was listening. After making copies (again without listening) he locked up the master tape to eliminate any fraud and gave the participants copies of the master tape. He started the experiment by asking the participants to listen to the tape and send an intention to have more clicks in the left ear. Dr. Schmidt also created a control tape by running the REGs without any one listing.

After the participants finished their attempts to influence the tapes, Schmidt analyzed the participant's tapes as well as the master tape that was still locked up on a computer to see if there was any deviation to the expected random pattern. In more than 20,000 trials carried out in the 1970s, Schmidt discovered a significant result. On both the copies and the master tape, 55% had more left ear then right ear clicks. In addition, both tapes matched perfectly. And, astonishingly, the control tape clicks were distributed evenly.

According to the literature, these series of experiments caused quite a buzz in the science of intention community. Unfortunately, these researchers were not interested in how these experiments could be used by an individual to create a life of wealth and abundance. They seemed consumed with finding how and why these experiments caused time displacement. Unlike Dr. Gopala and I, they were much more concerned with the quantum theory than in the practical application of the energized intention effect. Consequently, quite a few theories became popular.

Schmidt believed he totally understood the mechanism for his improbable and incredulous results. He believed it was not that the participants somehow reached back into time and influenced his master tape after it had been created. Rather, their influence had reached back into time and influenced the machines output at the moment that it was first recorded. According to Schmidt, they changed the output of the machine in the same way they might have had they been present at the time it was originally recorded. They did not change the past from what it was, rather they influenced the past when it was unfolding as the present so that it became the current reality. Schmidt continued to work on time displacement experiments for over 20 years achieving highly significant results and reporting odds of 1000 to 1 against these time displacement results occurring as chance.

Nevertheless, physicists no longer considered time displacement in our everyday reality as inconsistent with the laws of the universe. Today, you can find hundreds of articles in scientific journals proposing ways in which Quantum physics accounts for time displacement. Some propose that scalar waves account for time displacement. Others propose theories contained in Quantum optics, which discuss the possibility of increasing the density of the subtle energy, thereby increasing the space time displacement potential. By the way, this idea of increased density in the subtle energy comprising the Source of Thought is discussed at length in the Vedas. It is thought that the subtle energy density increases as our solar system cycles closer to the center of the galaxy every 26,000 years. According to this Vedic myth, the increased density increases our psychic abilities.

Most physicists admit that time displacement resembles the nonlocal parameters found in the Quantum world of ideas. Many of these researchers believe that our future may already exist in some nebulas cloud of possibilities. We actualize our reality from this cloud through our daily thoughts and intention. From the Quantum point of view, this makes sense since atomic particles exist in a state of potential until we observe or think about them. If consciousness operates at this quantum level, then it would reside outside of time and space as we know it, and we would theoretically have access to information in the past as well as in the future. This is the theory behind Dr. Gopala's prediction system.

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