Dream Symbols

Dream Symbols are derived from the Divine Proportion

DREAM SYMBOLS AND THE DIVINE PROPORTION Dream Symbols and the resulting archetypes are directly related to the individual Zodiac charts through the Divine Proportion. This relationship is mathematical. This mathematical relationship is at the same time simple and insightful; to a mathematician it is beautiful. Let me explain, all the dream symbols have a number associated with them. Turning to the first page of the dream symbols chapter or looking at the graphic titled, How the Dream Symbol Number Sequence is Related to the Divine Proportion, we see that the dream symbol "Abandonment" has the dream symbol number "000". "Abdomen" is coded with the number 001. Africa is coded with the number 676. We only use the first three numerals for the dream symbols.

The dream symbol number sequence was developed by beginning the sequence with nothing or the number "0", see "abandonment". To the next dream symbol, "Abdomen", we add the number "1". For the third dream symbol "Abduction" add together the last two dream symbol numbers, so 0 + 1 = 1. For the fourth dream symbol number "Abnormal" add together the previous two numbers, so 1 +1 =2. For the fifth dream symbol, "Abortion", add together the previous two numbers, so 1+2=3. To get the sixth dream symbol "Abstinence" add the previous two dream symbol numbers together, so 2+3=5. We continue to do this calculation for all 1,555 dream symbols. This calculation results in a very simple arithmetic number sequence, which we call the Dream Symbol Number Sequence. The numbers get quite large once the sequence reaches the 1000th dream symbol, but remember we are only interested in the first three numerals.

If we divide the latter dream symbol number by the former dream symbol number a strange and marvelous phenomenon occurs. For example, if we divide "Abduction" by "Abdomen", we get the number 1.00000000. If we divide "Abnormal" by "Abduction", we get the number 2. If we divide "Abortion" by "Abnormal", we get the number 1.50000000. Look at the chart titled "How the Dream Symbol Number Sequence is related to the Divine Proportion" This chart is set up to do the division for the first 23 dream symbols. Now look at the far right column. Notice anything peculiar? The sequence oscillates around the Divine Proportion, being alternately greater or smaller, but always getting closer the larger the numbers get. In other words, the Dream Symbol Number Sequence derives the Divine Proportion. In this way, Dr. Gopala has intimately related the Divine Proportion – a number responsible for the organization of creation– to the archetypical dream symbols used to predict lottery numbers.

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