Foreshadow for a successful meditation.

Foreshadowing Intention

At this point in our nightly practice, we complete a foreshadowing intention. This is how we begin the meditative process in Dr. Gopala’s winning lottery system. Start the process with a deep breath. Now, when you are actually practising, close your eyes if not already closed and create in your mind's eye a visual image of you winning the lottery. There are a million different images that would work. However, the feeling and passion you contribute to the visualization is more important than the content of the image.

For example, you could visualize yourself opening the newspaper and looking at the lottery numbers and notice that you have won. You could visualize yourself being paid money by the lottery clerk for your winning ticket. You could visualize yourself showing the winning ticket to your partner or your children. You could see yourself in your mind's eye spending the winnings on something your family desperately needed. You could, as one of our readers did, visualize yourself and your child in the dentist office getting much needed dental work and paying for the work with lottery winnings. As stated, there are an infinite number of visualizations for you to use. Be creative in creating one for yourself. It is very important that you create one that will provoke in you an emotional feeling. As discussed in the chapter on the Science of Intention, love and joy is the most powerful manifesting emotions you can employ when activating an intention. If possible, use these emotions when you visualize yourself winning the lottery. If this is not possible, create within yourself a feeling of winning. Really feel what it feels like to win. Feel it with all your heart and all your soul. In addition, you must use all your senses in the visualization process.

As an example of a well visualized energized intention let’s use the example above about opening a newspaper to look up the lottery number. See yourself, in your mind's eye, sitting in your favorite chair opening the newspaper. You open the paper, fold it, feel the texture of the paper, and look at the lottery numbers published in the lottery section. You look at the three-number lottery and see that you have won the three number game. Simple!

Now let’s do it again and add to the vision some sensory information and lots of emotional information. It is this sensory and emotion information that creates something special in our mind. Otherwise the vision is just another thought. Remember, soon we will use this visualization again near the Source of Thought and it must be strong enough to move subtle energies that will manifest your desire to win the lottery. This redirection of subtle energies occurs based on the clarity, strength, and purity of your emotion. To clarify the vision, imagine your senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and, taste where appropriate) working in the vision. For example, when seeing yourself moving toward your chair to sit with paper in hand, imagine the sun shining through the window and onto the chair making the colors in the chair more brilliant and the newspaper brighter. Hear the paper swoosh when opened and crackle when folded. Hear the chair creak when you sit. You can just hear the news story on the TV and the kids playing outside. The paper is a little damp and you can smell the wet paper. Breakfast is being prepared and you can smell it from the other room. The sun shines through the window and you can feel the warmth of it rays on your arms and shoulders. The paper feels a little heavy today because it’s a little wet and some print is getting on your hands. See yourself scanning the paper for the lottery results. Focus, with all your senses mentioned above, on the published lottery number. You focus in on the number and realize you have won. You immediately feel a rush of emotion. The winning feeling overtakes you. You are moved to tears of joy and happiness. This feeling of joy and happiness turns into a feeling of thankfulness. You feel as if your entire body is overtaken with the winning feeling. You rise up out of the chair, raise your arms up high to celebrate your good fortune. You won the lottery!

This is the same energized intention we will use again near the Source of Thought. In a way, we are putting the mind on notice that we will activate this same intention near the Source after we complete about ten or fifteen minutes of Mantra meditation. Once you get the feel for it, this foreshadowing intention should take about fifteen seconds to develop and should be held for another fifteen seconds. The actual time is less important than the clarity, strength and emotion experienced.

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