A Warning Given by Dr. Gopala about lottery predictions

A Warning Given by Dr. Gopala

Before moving on to specifics about the lottery predictions, Dr. Gopala gave me a warning. He said that the Siddhis were like side-shows at a circus. They were distractions along the way to the big top tent where the main attractions take place. He said we should not get so involved with the attainment of any of the Siddhis that we forget to strive for spiritual perfection as opposed to riches. Striving for spiritual perfection gives us the grace and balance to manifest love and forgiveness in our lives and in those around us. He said by concentrating on lottery number predictions, we could become distracted from our spiritual pursuits. On the other hand, if practitioners used the wealth and power for unselfish purposes and for the betterment of those around us, it was possible that the system of lottery prediction could improve our sense of well being as well as the sense of well being in those around us. Certainly, the yogic meditation technique is a healthy technique to perform. Studies have shown these techniques reduce stress, improve creativity as well as intelligence and produce a unique state of restful alertness.

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Right Action

I believe that the foundation of Dr. Gopala’s interest in lottery predictions and the Source of Thought lies in the yogic concept of “Right Action”. He loved to discuss the many benefits of meditation practice. Besides those noted throughout this book is the concept that as we consistently contact the Source of Thought in our nightly practice, we will eventually bring the experience of the Source of Thought into waking state. That is, we will experience the Source of Thought in the day time along with our daily thoughts. This experience will bring our mind and daily actions in line with creation. Every action we take and every thought we have will be supported by all of life. We will be in harmony with the creative intelligence in the universe; the force in the universe that moves life forward. This idea of living in direct harmony with creation is called “Right Action”. Consequently, a practitioner of Dr. Gopala’s winning lottery system is more likely to use wealth and power gained from these techniques in an unselfish way for the benefit of us all.

He related to me that the size of the winnings were so large that all of an individual’s needs could be met with a fraction of the winnings. What is to be done with the other hundreds of millions? How would creation use this wealth for the benefit of human kind?