Predictions and Dr. Gopala

Before discussing lottery predictions and Dr. Gopala, let me talk about how we met. I first met Dr. Gopala at a “Spiritual Regeneration Movement” residence course decades ago. These yoga courses were usually taught over a long weekend and regularly held at Catholic retreat houses around the country. He was a guest lecturer discussing Yogic Siddhis (yogic powers) primarily levitation (sometimes called Yogic Flying) and invisibility now called remote viewing by educators and the military. I attended all his lectures. He was a favorite among the initiates and spoke with a clear passion for his specialty.

During that weekend, on a wakeful night, I had a chance to speak with Dr. Gopala. It was not unusual for the attendees to be milling around at all hours of the night. The course leaders had us “rounding” (a series of yoga practices involving breathing, stretching and meditation) all day long when not attending a lecture. It seemed like after all the stretching and meditating, we did not need as much sleep as usual. It was just dawn when I sat on an outdoor bench next to Dr. Gopala overlooking a gentle river slowly meandering around the retreat center. It was an odd experience. Coupled with his spiritual presence, the river was teeming with an abundance of life. Mayfly and Caddis were beginning to hatch and trout were beginning their morning feast, their rises more rhythmic then random. I searched for the courage to speak.

I was nervous at first, the way students are when speaking to a professor, but he had a calming effect on me. We discussed invisibility since that was the last lecture he had given and the Siddhi I was most interested in at the time. He answered all my questions. He said he was somewhat saddened by the way the West was using the Siddhis, which had for thousands of years been secret and mysterious. In the past, these yogic powers had been only taught to the highest caste of Brahmins.

He went on to say that the military was using invisibility, which they renamed remote viewing and were using this Siddhi (yogic power) to spy on the Russians. He was less saddened by the fact they were using a Siddhi to spy and more saddened by the way this yogic technique had been studied, quantified, analyzed and taught. He went on to say, offhandedly, it would be easier to teach students about the predictive potential of the Source of Thought or lottery predictions then many of the ancient yoga Siddhis. Of course, all I heard was lottery predictions.

I asked Dr. Gopala what he meant by lottery predictions trying not to sound overly excited. Just like he had discussed in his lectures, he said, if getting close to the Source of Thought could bring about remote viewing, then with the properly energized intention and the Matra-vrttas (Divine Proportion or Golden Ratio - a sacred number used in one of the categories of meters in Sanskrit and Prakit poetry around A.D. 1100), we should be able to use the predictive potential of the Source of Thought to make reasonable lottery predictions. Actually, he went on to say, lottery predictions should be easier then remote viewing since consciousness didn’t need be maintained near the Source of Thought for hours at a time. With a strong, energized and unselfish intention, most people should be able to perform this technique. It seemed we talked for hours that morning.

Eventually, Dr. Gopala got up from the bench and headed for the retreat house deep in contemplation. The sun had now risen, choirs of birds now trumpeted a new day and I still had a million more questions. But I don’t think Dr. Gopala had the details of the system worked out yet, that would come years later.

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