Lottery predictions and Dr. Gopala - the second meeting

Many years went by but I could never quite get the idea of a new modern Siddhi centered on lottery predictions out of my mind. It made a lot of sense. Using these ancient techniques to predict the future was not out of the question. Considering that Dr. Gopala earned his PhD in physics, he knew a lot about the way the physical world was organized as well as how the mind worked. If anyone could find a system that could relate the predictive ability of the Source of Thought with future events and bring that event to waking state, Dr. Gopala could do it.

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Again, on another sleepless night just before dawn, Dr. Gopala and I met. It was a five day residence course over the holidays. Although he was staying at the retreat house, he was not lecturing. He knew immediately what was on my mind and smiled. I was not shy about asking about the predictive ability of the Source of Thought and how we might go about predicting winning lottery numbers. He confided that although India sponsored a lottery in Punjab in 1968, he did not know a lot about the games. He had never bought a lottery ticket and had no desire to do so. Nonetheless, I could tell that the idea of gaining significant power and wealth through a yogic technique intrigue him. He confided that he had been thinking about the possibility and was keen on the idea of sponsoring a new way of thinking about lottery predictions. After all, Dr. Gopala had lectured for years on the yogic powers of invisibility and levitation. Dr. Gopala had no interest in ever actually playing the lottery, but the potential for others who were practicing yoga to acquire wealth and power to be used in ways that could manifest a less violent world captivated his interest.