The Maharishi Effect and Lottery Predictions

The Maharishi Effect

The idea that practitioners of a meditation technique can have a verifiable effect on society is not new. For example, Dr. John Hagelin – an American physicist, three time candidate of the Natural Law Party for the President of the United States and current leader of the Transcendental Meditation Movement in the United States – has presented evidence that groups of meditators can have a measurable effect on society. This phenomenon is called the Maharishi Effect. In the summer of 1993, Dr. Hagelin conducted a large scale study in which 4,000 meditators gathered in the District of Columbia and practiced TM twice daily for eight weeks. During the eight weeks of the study, violent crime (homicides, rapes and assaults) dropped by 23%. Over the last 10 years the Maharishi Effect has been verified many times in many cities throughout the world. The Maharishi Effect is a result of the “Right Action” attribute of the Source of Thought. To think that by Dr. Gopala's lottery prediction system can bring peace to a large community shows the greatness of the dream lottery system.

Centers for Developing the Predictive Potential

Dr. Gopala, well aware of the Maharishi Effect, hinted that centers for the practice of developing the predictive potential inherent in the Source of Thought should be established. First, the centers would reduce crime in the cities they were established through the Maharishi Effect. Second, proceeds (lottery winnings) could be used to support the centers as well as educate and teach the benefits of contacting the Source of Thought. If enough centers were established around the world, violence in the world would be reduced significantly. I believe this is the reason Dr. Gopala revealed this ancient knowledge to us.

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