The Dream Lotto System and Sleeping Essentials

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In the Dream Lotto System, the environment in which you sleep sets the stage for your nights sleeping and dreaming. So, your bed, the temperature of the room, your nightclothes and what you eat or drink before going to sleep influence the quality of your sleep and consequently, the quality of your dreams.

Give your body good support in bed. Your bed should hold your spine in a natural alignment and your sleeping position should allow your muscles to easily relax.

Turn off all the lights. In a darkened room a hormone called Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland in inverse proportion to the amount of light received by the retina. This important hormone regulates our sleep and is important in the regulation of biorhythms; so, the darker the room the better. This is an important ingredient to success if you are also doing the visualization exercises recommended in the chapter on energizing your intentions.

Get the room to a temperature you like. Most people like the room to be a little cool. If the room is a little too hot or too cool for you, it will distract the mind and body by keeping them busy trying to get comfortable. Try to eliminate physical distractions.

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Try to establish a nightly routine by going to bed the same time each night. This habit will initiate nightly biorhythms enhancing relaxation and enabling the body and mind to focus on your energized visualization intention.

Readers have written that herbs have a calming effect on the body. Readers have recommended Chamomile tea, Lemonbalm tea and St. John’s Wort as herbal supplements that work well with the visualization techniques discussed in previous chapters. However, please see your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.

Lastly, turn off the television; try not to snack in bed. Get into some really comfortable night clothes that feel really good against your skin. The really comfortable clothes will enliven your sense of touch helping you energize your intention for wealth and prosperity.