Life is But a Dream

To sleep, perchance to dream...

To sleep, perchance to dream…..or put another way, with no disrespect to William Shakespeare, in order to dream you must first go to sleep. In Dr. Gopala’s dream lottery system, sleeping and then journalizing your dreams is one of the most important tasks to learn.

If you found other tasks in this system easy, you may find this task to be the most difficult. Upon awaking from sleep, you must remember your dream so you can determine a dream symbol.

Seems easy enough, but what you will find is that we are conditioned to forget our dreams quickly. You will only have a few seconds to get it right. Your first impression is always the one to go with. To help you remember your dream, keep a pencil and paper at your bed side. If you awaken at night and had a dream, see if you can write a word or two about the dream without turning on the lights. Go back to sleep and repeat if you have another dream.

If you have read the chapter on the Yogic Approach, then you are familiar with the intention setting, yoga postures, breathing, and meditation recommended before sleep. These dream strengthening activities will activate the dream cycle within you. You will dream more often. If you have not had a lucid dream you will have one. If you are a lucid dreamer already you will likely see more of them. Your dreams will become more vivid, more symbolic, and will last longer. So, be prepared. Do not despair if on the first few nights you cannot remember the theme of your dream or immediately get the proper dream symbol. This is an acquired skill. With time and patience you will become an expert at Dr. Gopala's winning lottery system.

Remember, you will be in dream state when you are given the dream symbol (theme) needed to calculate the winning number by the Source of Thought. You must remember the dream symbol upon awaking. Journalizing your dreams on a nightly basis will make remembering easier. It is a skill that you can get good at with practice. But, there are other bedtime basics that you can do that will help you receive and remember the dream symbol.

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