Use a Yogic Approach to Manifest Your Desire for Wealth and Abundance


The basis of Dr. Gopala's prediction system is to activate an energized intention, to win the lottery, close to the Source of Thought. In the scientific approach, binaural beat frequencies were listened to on headphones. In the yogic approach, we repeat Mantras to encourage the mind towards the experience of the Source. The scientific approach has been developed within the last twenty years or so. The Yogic approach has been around for over 5,000 years. In the scientific approach, brain wave frequencies are discussed in terms of broad frequency patterns like Alpha and Beta. The Yogic approach discusses the subtleties of frequency patterns generated by Mantras, some of which are used for finding love, some for healing, some for success in our careers, and some used for success in games of chance. In addition, the Yogic approach uses a holistic approach to settling the mind and the experience of the Source of Thought. For example, asana (stretching exercises) and breathing exercises are used to help the body, nervous system, and mind resonate with powerful mantric frequencies that encourage transcendence and the ability to predict.


We are always aware of thoughts in our mind. They are always present. Sometimes at night, when we try to sleep, we can't seem to stop the onslaught of mind activity. We can think of these thoughts as bubbles producing a stream of thoughts one after the other. When we use a mantra to approach the Source of Thought, we train the mind to experience the oncoming thoughts at an earlier and earlier stage of development. When our attention has reached the most subtle level, it has traversed the whole depth of mind and has reached the source of creative intelligence in man; a state of consciousness we call the Source of Thought. That is, the Source of Thought comes within the scope of the conscious mind, which is the best place to activate an energized intention. In this way, through systematic Mantra technology training, the conscious mind can be led step by step to directly experience the Source of Thought. This is the essence of the Yogic approach.

This idea of getting close to or experiencing the Source of Thought is the basis of Dr. Gopala's dream lottery system. Although meditation teachers tell us that the Source of Thought has no attributes, we can derive a few so called attributes from the experience itself. Just as we cannot see electricity, we derive power from its attribute of electrical potential. Practitioners tell us that the Source of Thought is unbound by time and space. This attribute give the Source of Thought predictive potential. Remember the GPS metaphor from the introduction, the one that describes the affect that a gravitational force has on time. Just as in space, at the most subtle level of mind, time and space are not as we experience them during waking state, which gives the Source of Thought predictive potential. You do not need to know how electricity works to use its power. You do not need to know or believe that the Source of Thought is unbound by time or space to use its predictive abilities. But you must work at training yourself to use this power just like an electrician is trained to work with the power of electricity.

In addition, thoughts emanating close to the Source of Thought are extremely powerful. That is, they have extremely powerful manifesting abilities.

Think of it like this. Visible light is a vibrating frequency just like mantra frequencies that we generate within our minds when we meditate. These Mantra frequencies can be thought of as vibrations or subtle energies. If we shine sunlight through a prism the sunlight divides into its component parts or qualities, which we call colors. Sunlight is a melding of all the various colors we see, but each color has its own frequency that determines its specific color or quality. If we were to take one of the colors and shine it through a crystal gem like a ruby, the colors (frequencies) cohere and the light becomes a powerful laser. This quality of light has been used to cut steel, shine a spot of light on the moon, and many other useful applications.

The Source of Thought is no different than sunlight except it vibrates at a much more subtle level of energy. When we use a mantra, the repetitions of the Mantra produce subtle frequencies of energy within our nervous system and mind. These frequencies resonate with the subtle energies of the Source of Thought enlivening the Source of Thought with the frequency the Mantra was designed to excite. An energized intention acts like the ruby and focuses these subtle energies just like the ruby does in a laser. The energized intention gives the Mantra the power to manifest our deepest desires. The desire that becomes manifest depends on the sound vibration, frequency, or subtle energy of the Mantra. This is how in the ancient world, as well as the modern world of Spiritual Theorists, yogic powers like clairvoyance, telekinesis, teleportation, astral projection, levitation, and prophetic vision are developed.

If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

– Matthew 6:22


Science and Mantra technology seem to be closing in on one another. Take for example, the newer science of Quantum Mechanics, which is the science of the very small. It is the science of sub-atomic particles, photons, and other really small matter better understood as subtle energies. In the Quantum world view, particles sometimes behave like solid particles but other times they behave like waves on an ocean. What determines their behavior is a conscious observer. In other words, our conscious mind changes or redirects the subtle energies associated with an observation of reality, albeit on a sub-atomic scale, in the same way Mantras and our conscious mind redirect subtle energies in directions that help us achieve our deepest desires. Erwin Schrodinger won the Noble prize in 1933 for these ideas. He also wrote extensively on "ancient and oriental philosophical concepts" and was an expert lecturer on an ancient book titled the Upanishads.

On the Quantum level, whenever you measure a property of a particle, such as velocity, you cannot get a precise measurement of other properties, like position. Your conscious observation determines which property is to be measured. So, if you know where a quantum particle is, then you cannot know how fast it is moving. If you know how fast its moving, then you cannot calculate where it is. According to Werner Heisenberg, the renowned physicist who first formulated this principle, "no matter how subtle or advanced the measurement technology is, it is impossible to pierce this veil of precision." The particle has potential positions and potential velocities – but we won't know what those are until observed. These experiments and the scientists that created them show that our conscious mind, that is, the very act of observing, changes reality on a subtle level. If we remember Einstein's theory that E=MC², then these very small particles can be understood as subtle energies. Mantras lead the mind to transcendence by resonating a sound that generates subtle energies in our minds, which over time, has shown an ability to change reality in specific ways. This book is dedicated to this idea. It is through Mantra technology that we enable ourselves to predict the lottery.

However, in both world views – whether that of the Quantum theorist or the Spiritual Technologist - the world is understood to be composed of subtle energies, a sort of vibratory pattern upholding the universe itself. All agree that this sound or vibratory code is embedded in the fabric of existence. It embraces creative intelligence, all forms of energy, and the life force through which all life's processes operate. Connecting to this universal vibration or subtle energy is the basis for the yogic pursuit of Mantra and the basis for Dr. Gopala's prophetic vision system for winning games of chance.

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