Following is a longer description of how to use video marketing to promote "Dream a Lottery Win Today"

First: How do you Download a video from this site. Simply click on the video link below. You will be asked to open or save the ZIP file. Save the zip file to your computer and unzip. You will now have the Video "Julie Wins the Lottery" in either WMV or MPEG format.

Download "Download Julie Wins the Lottery in Zip format CLICK HERE – this is an MPEG format file" The MPEG file format is iPad and iPhone, compatible,

Download "Download Julie Wins the Lottery in Zip format CLICK HERE – this is a WMV (Windows Movie Maker) file format" The WMV file format is Windows Movie Maker compatible,

Second Now that you have the video available, you will want to put your tag on the video. A Tag is an affiliate link put into the video. When customers see the video they also see your tag so if they want to purchase the book they know where to go. The tag consists of an affiliate link from ClickBank. See the videos in the ClickBank section above, if you need to learn about affiliate links and how to create them.

Now! As discussed on ClickBank’s site, the standard ClickBank affiliate link is long and awkward and hard to remember. Also, affiliate links can be changed by hackers to illegally obtain your commissions. And, furthermore, some internet users recognize affiliate links and hesitate to click on them. Luckily, these affiliate links are easy to alter through so they becomes shorter, easy to memorize and hacker safe.

So, after you create your affiliate link, alter it using TinyURL before putting it into the video as a tag. Click on the form below to peruse's web site.

Enter a long URL to make tiny: is easy to use. Simply paste your ClickBank Affiliate link into the box labeled "Enter a long URL to make tiny" (See Screenshot)

Then give a short descriptive name for the Custom Alias which will be used in place of the long URL. See next Screenshot

When you press the "Make TinyURL" button, it will produce a shortened affiliate link which you can use as a tag on the video.

Some suggestions for custom Aliases are:


Now that you have a tag, how do you get it on the video?

If you do not have a lot of experience with video marketing and do not have an editing program which you purchased, we recommend using Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker comes with most Windows operating systems so no need to purchase new software.

Since all we need to do is add a tag to the video it pretty easy. The tag can be added as a title or caption. See the video below for one way to accomplish this task.

So! Now you have a video tagged with your URL. You now have a couple of choices as to how you may want to use it. You can put it on your web page using a free video player. Or you can place it on one or more free hosting sites.

Third:If you want to use a free video player we recommend one of the players located on this site.

CLICK HERE to go to a WEB page displaying 21 free video players"

We like number 3 the JW Player. As a matter of fact, if you watched the video above, you used the JW Player. But, any one of them will work. You may have to convert your WMV file to another that your particular player uses. This is generally not a problem. Many video file conversion programs are available also for free.

CLICK HERE to go to a WEB page displaying file conversion services"

Many others are available, consider Googleing “free file conversion programs" for a complete list.

For hosting sites CLICK HERE to go to a WEB page displaying 31 hosting sites" Take a special look at Viddler and VideoEgg.

Fourth:OK. So now you have a tagged video and the expertise to put the video on a web page or link to a hosting site. How best to market the video.

A few ideas are:

Change your status on FaceBook (e.g., to say your are uploading the video)
Twitter about it (Use to tell the world about it)
E-mail the video to all appropriate people
Message a select group of friends on FaceBook and ask them to share it on their profiles
Post the link to the video in appropriate Google groups
Post the link or embed the video on appropriate Message Boards
Embed the video on the front page of your Web site

These are just a few ideas to increase you commisiions by using video to market “Dream a Lottery Win Today

Stay tuned for the next video.