Who is ClickBank?

At Dream a Lottery Win Today we use the ClickBank affiliate network to sell our product.

Founded in 1998, ClickBank provides digital content - e-books, software, memberships and subscriptions - to consumers around the world through an expanding network of product vendors and affiliate Internet marketers. The ClickBank network includes more than 110,000 active affiliates and over 70,000 vendors of tens of thousands of unique digital products. ClickBank is a privately held company with offices in Broomfield, Colo., and Boise, Idaho. The company employs approximately 45 people.

ClickBank is one of the most visited and highest converting businesses on the Internet, selling something to someone on the planet every three seconds. On an average day, ClickBank processes more than 27,000 orders from more than 200 countries around the world.

For more information on ClickBank visit their web site at http://www.clickbank.com/index.html. If you are considering becoming a ClickBank affiliates view the videos below.

To see the video: How to sign up for a ClickBank Account CLICK HERE
To see the video: Create a Hoplink CLICK HERE
To see the video: I Have a Hoplink, Now What CLICK HERE

Market Information

Generally, online affiliate markets are defined by keywords. That is, the keywords are used to access searchers and consequently, define the market. Dream a Lottery Win Today’s market is made up of the keywords listed in the graphic to the right. As you can see, approximately 27,278,500 searches are performed on those keywords every 30 days. 75% of our market is searchers looking for information on their state lottery. Approximately 7,000,000 per month are looking for more specific information. We found the highest converting keywords to be Powerball and “winning numbers” When you are setting up promotions for Dream a Lottery Win Tonight these may be the most beneficial.

Video Marketing

Below is a quick Summary of our video marketing program.

First: Download one of our marketing videos. Currently we have one video. Shortly, we will have others for you to choose from.

Second: Put your URL Tag (Tiny URL & Hoplink) on video so when people watch it they will click on your affiliate link.

Third: Download free video player and place video on your site or place on free hosting site. (Please do not place on U-Tube)

Fourth: Promote your tagged video

For a full tutorial, explanation and analysis of how to use Video Marketing to market Dream a Lottery Win Today CLICK HERE"

Marketing Tools

Free Graphics from Dream a Lottery Win Today

To see graphics available for your promotions CLICK HERE

To use any of the graphics obtained from the above link, right click your mouse while it’s over the graphic you want to save. You will see “Save Picture as ….” Use your curser to point to “Save Picture as ….” and click. You will be prompted to save the picture. Save picture to your hard drive to be used in your promotion.

Free classified ad placement

For a listing of great places to put your classified ads CLICK HERE