Dream a Lottery Win Tonight

A Modern Dream Book for Modern Lottery Players

First Recollection of Dream Books - Dream a Lottery Win Tonight is a modern dream book very different from the dream books of old. When I was a child, my parents would "play the numbers". This was before state lotteries, so I cannot recollect how the numbers were determined. I do recollect that my father would make a daily trek (he actually walked) to Smittys, the corner grocery store, where he would make his 25 cent bet. Smitty also told him the number that had won the prior day. It seemed to me that everyone in the neighborhood participated in the game. When my dad or one of the neighbors won, the whole neighborhood celebrated. Usually, this meant hot dogs and Coca-Cola for all the children at Mr. Kashawlics or Mr. Andriychuks or the Simons . .

The Gypsy Woman's Dream BookMany of the families had their favorite dream book that they would use to look up their numbers. My family had a favorite as well. It was given to my mother by her mother and was very old. She told me that it was given to the family by its author, an old gypsy woman from the "old country". My mother would tell the story of how my grandmother, while still living in a border town in Poland, helped the gypsy woman's daughter with a difficult birth. The book was a gift for her help in delivering a healthy newborn. I remember the book was yellowed from age, the cover had long ago vanished, it was brittle to the touch, many of the pages were missing, and it had an unusual bookish scent. Never-the-less, many neighbors would stop by to counsel my mother about their dreams and the number they should play that evening. They talked endlessly about their dreams, sometimes weeping, sometimes laughing, but the discussion always ending with what number does the old gypsy woman predict. The book worked for our family and many others. As a child, the book seemed to possess magical qualities. Although only fragments of the book remain today, many of the dream symbols appearing in Dream a Lottery Win Tonight are from the old gypsy woman's dream book.

Modern Research on How Dream Books Work As an adult, still fascinated by how this book was able to predict numbers for so many in our community, I decided to do research on the magical qualities the book seemed to possess. This dream book is the result of that research.

Surprisingly, the research led me on a fascinating and wonderful journey. The journey started with Eastern Mysticism and books like the Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanishads. I followed the gypsy's magic to the sands of Upper Egypt, where an Arab peasant named Muhammad Ali found the Gnostic Gospels of Thomas and Mary Magdalene in a red earthenware jar buried in the Egyptian sand. These gospels gave me confidence that the magical qualities I was searching for were not heretical or unorthodox. This exotic book took me to the very frontiers of the new science of Quantum Mechanics. Here I learned about subtle energies and found the Science of Intention. In my quest for answers to the gypsy's secrets, I read about the Divine Proportion and its influence on the lottery number sequence. I read about spiritual technology, mantra science, yoga exercises, and meditation. I found the magic in the experience of the Source of Thought. I never could have imagined that a gypsy from the "old country" could be so sophisticated. In many ways, her spirit was guiding me, teaching me about her special gift of prophetic vision.

Hit More Numbers More Often I confess that Dream a Lottery Win Tonight is not an easy read. To most people, many of the concepts are foreign and not easy to understand. On the other hand, you do not need to understand concepts in electromagnetism to turn on a light bulb. In the same way, you do not need to understand concepts in Quantum Mechanics, Spiritual Technology, or the Source of Thought, to calculate a winning lottery number. All that is needed is to have a dream, decide on a dream symbol, and do a simple calculation. Using the system is straight forward and easy. Many chapters describe how to use the system. We follow this up with many examples and informative testimonials from people who have used this dream book to win the lottery. They describe, in their own words, how they used the system successfully. I believe the old gypsy woman would be proud.

Dream a Lottery Win Tonight works for me and my family. It worked for the many users who have emailed us to discuss how they used the book to win the lottery. Like the neighbors who visited my mother, readers seem compelled to discuss how they used the book to win. I love hearing about their success, their dreams, and how the money helped their families out.

Informative Testimonial

Patty Ann and the Unstoppable Force

The system works by setting an energized intention to win the lottery close to the Source of Thought. So, getting close to the Source of Thought is paramount. We accomplish this by using a special Mantra. Mantras since antiquity have been used for this purpose. They are words of power that help us vibrate or resonate subtle energies in our mind and nervous systems in tune with specific attributes and qualities of the Source of Thought. This encourages the mind to settle down and drift toward transcendence. However, in Dr. Gopala's system, we use a special Mantra, which vibrates the subtle energies of wealth and abundance. In this way, we set up a resonant chord of energetic harmonies specifically tuned for games of chance, improving our chances of winning

Patty Ann wrote that she has been working with the ideas in "Dream a Lottery Win Tonight". She also created and is using a dream journal and has some experience meditating.

To begin her practice, she dresses comfortably and before getting into bed does 10 minutes worth of poses. More specifically, she does a few minutes of self massage while taking deep breaths. She does the knee to chest pose, the head to knee pose, and the cobra pose in about ten minutes. She remembers to breathe deeply while moving through the various postures. Before meditating, she takes a few deep breathes.

She uses a foreshadowing intention as preparation for transcendence. During her foreshadowing visualization, she tries to find the passion and emotion that will energize her intention. In Patty Ann's case, she is in need of money for her children. She is unemployed without health insurance. She finds the emotion needed to energize her intention, by visualizing in her mind, the happy smiles of her children once their dental problems are fixed. She pictures herself winning the lottery and using the money to take care of her children. But, more than just images, she brings her imagination to life by feeling the bumps in the road on the way to the dentist's office. She really feels the child's embrace when hugged by the child before seeing the dentist. To Patty Ann, this unselfish act, has already taken place. For the 1 or 2 minutes it takes for this intention setting task to be performed, she is physically and emotionally moved.

She begins her nightly meditation with the Laxmi Mantra. After her foreshadowing intention, she takes a couple of very deep breaths and looks for the Mantra. That’s correct. When we first start meditating, we must proactively begin the mantra in our minds. But after a few days, we should look for it in our minds. Mantras are primordial sounds. They are ancient. They are always present, deep within our souls. However, after a busy and hectic day, we may need to gently and as effortlessly as possible, start the mantra repetitions.

She closes her eyes and finds the Mantra. Within the first minute, she has a thought. Of course, this is (or so it seems) the most important thought of the day, which leads to another thought, which leads to a different thought, which leads to another line of thinking, and more thoughts……… In time, Patty remembers she is meditating and effortlessly, without any judgments about the thoughts, returns to repeating the Mantra. Soon, another thought comes into her mind. She again, effortlessly without any judging, returns her attention to the Mantra. This is how we meditate using Dr. Gopala's system. We never judge our meditations. Sometimes they will be all Mantra. Sometimes they will be all thoughts. Most important is the sound vibration of the Mantra. It is this sound vibration – the Mantra's subtle energy - that is resonating, tickling as it were, and encouraging the mind to transcendence, to experience the Source of Thought.

On this night of April 1, Patty tells us that she fell asleep before she finished meditating and had a remarkable dream. In her dream, she found herself traveling on an airplane looking out the window. She remembered thinking how pretty the ocean looked from this height. Her eyes were caught by an island just coming into view. As the jet got closer, she could see that it was a very small island. She thought she could see smoke bellowing up almost as high as the jet. As the plane got closer, she could see that the island was bellowing smoke because in the middle of the island was a massive volcano. On closer inspection, she thought she could see what seemed to be the last palm tree left on the island that hadn't been swallowed up in volcanic lava. The island was barren except for this one beautiful, luxurious palm tree. Patty wrote that, I felt saddened by the knowledge that this beautiful tree was going to be turned to ashes by an unstoppable force. Patty said, I woke myself up before the tree was damaged by the fires of the raging volcano.

She immediately reached for her dream journal, scribbling a few notes about the dream, and returned to sleep.

In the morning, when she calculated her winning lottery number, she debated whether the dream was about a "volcano" or a majestic "palm tree". She decided it was about a volcano, since the volcano seemed to be the initiator of action. So, she used "Volcano" as her dream symbol and calculated her number.

Sign: Capricorn.

Dream Date: April 2 - The morning she awoke.

Dream Symbol: Volcano.

Dream Symbol Number: 178.

Individual Zodiac Number: 67.

Multiply: 67 times 178.

Product: 11926.

First Three Numerals: 119.

First Four Numerals: 1192.

She played 119 straight for 3 days in the evening lottery in Michigan. On April 2, the evening lottery produced 119, just as Patty had calculated. Patty was thrilled. She had won enough money to help her children with their dental issues. However, Patty thought what if she had played the number associated with the dream symbol "Palm Tree". What number would she have played? She was astounded when she looked up the Dream Symbol for "Palm Tree", it is 178. Since the individual Zodiac number remains the same, she would have calculated the same number. It did not matter if she had used "Volcano" as her dream symbol or "Palm Tree" as her dream symbol, both returned the same number. The Source of Thought certainly does work in mysterious ways.

If you have a question about the System or about how to calculate the winning number or a problem with the site or maybe you would just like to chat about the technique, please Click to Contact Us. We answer every inquiry.

So, don’t wait! You may have a dream tonight that helps you win the lottery tomorrow.

Informative Testimonial

Duke and Cody on the Prowl

Duke and his best friend Cody – a half breed retriever – hunted Doves in Tennessee for many years. Duke emailed me that he had won the lottery using Dr. Gopala's winning lottery system. Evidently, Duke lost Cody a few months before to old age. Duke said "Cody was just plain tired". He dreamt that he and Cody were hunting in their favorite part of the woods. Duke shot a dove and Cody went out to retrieve the bird. As Cody was bringing the bird back he stopped and looked at Duke, opened its mouth and the bird flew out of Cody's mouth into the air as if nothing had happened. Duke wrote, "That dog never let a bird go in his life"…. "The dream must mean something". Although Duke had not practiced the system for months, he found an old copy of Dream a Lottery Win Today and calculated a three digit lottery number based on the "Dove" dream symbol. He wrote he won the boxed bet. He said "the money was a gift from Cody". Subtle energies do work in strange ways.

Informative Testimonial

Bruce and Karen – Improving Health and Wisdom

In Dr. Gopala's system, activating an energized intention close to the Source of Thought is the most important thing to remember. This is not a new idea. Practitioners of yoga meditation have been using this system for thousands of years to manifest desires. Mantra or prayer is the usual vehicle to encourage our minds to transcend ordinary everyday reality and experience Transcendental Being. In developing the system, sages discovered that the Mantras used to get close to the Source worked better if our nervous system was prepared for this experience. An entirely new branch of yoga was developed for this purpose. It consisted of many stretching and compression exercises that eventually were called Asana. Asana was used to oxygenate and invigorate every cell of our bodies with special emphasis on glands and organs. Asana is always performed before Mantra meditation to prepare the body for the experience of the Source of Thought.

Today in the west, Yoga Asanas are performed for their general health benefits. Yoga enthusiasts report they bring about a profound sense of relaxation. This profound relaxation reduces stress in the body and mind and has been scientifically studied for its medical and psychological benefits.

A couple of years ago, I received an email from Bruce and Karen who took relaxation to a new level. Bruce had emailed me a couple of times with general questions regarding the esoteric nature of Dr. Gopala's system. He and Karen were in conflict trying to reconcile what their doctors were recommending with their religious beliefs.

Bruce wrote that they were a retired couple with health issues - both had heart disease, high blood pressure and both were diabetic. I assumed from the emails, they were both approaching 70 years old and were happily married for over 50 years. For the last 10 years or so Karen played the lottery, playing one or two numbers every day. They had planned well and were financially stable. Karen played the lottery for the fun of it, looking forward daily to see if she had won.

Their medical doctors recommended they both consider learning Transcendental Meditation (TM), which would help reduce their blood pressure and reduce stress in their life. Even though Dr. Oz of day-time television fame meditates, as well as Seinfeld, Hugh Jackman, and many other celebrities and notable people, Karen saw it as something foreign, esoteric, and unconventional.

However, when she saw my book "Dream a Lottery Win Today" on the internet, she bought it, read it, and asked Bruce what she should do. Bruce wrote me that Karen had no idea what a black hole in space was, did not understand the time displacement experiments, and wondered if the Source of Thought had any religious connotations. Her questions started a string of emails.

In the end, the medical doctors won the day. They found a TM teacher in their community and started using Dr. Gopala's system to actualize a winning intention. Instead of the Lakshmi Mantra they used the Mantra given to them by their TM teacher. Instead of the Yoga Positions described in this book, they used the Positions recommended by the TM instructors, which are pretty much the same as described within these pages. However, their instructors added a few more positions. According to Bruce, they practiced faithfully every night more or less. On the morning of September 25, 2012, Karen, a Pisces, had the most unusual dream.

In her dream, she saw herself in a number of different situations. First, she saw herself half asleep on a hammock on a Caribbean island. She said she could feel the hot sun on her skin and hear Caribbean music in the background. Next, she saw herself half asleep riding on a crowded bus in a large city. The scene quickly changed to seeing herself in bed with Bruce doing progressive relaxation exercises they had learned years ago. Next, she saw herself as a young lady sitting quietly on the front porch of the house she grew up in. For some reason this memory startled her. She woke up, and jotting a few words down in her dream journal, fell back to sleep.

In the morning, she told Bruce about the dream. Not so much because of the substance of the dream, but because the dream seemed so real, so bright, so colorful. Bruce agreed that the dream was meaningful, but did not know what it meant or how to analyze it. Bruce emailed me and asked if I could help identify a dream symbol for them. I asked how Karen felt during the dream episodes. She said very relaxed. So we calculated a number for a three number game using the dream symbol "relaxation". Using the September 25 date and her Pisces sign, we calculated the winning Canadian number to be 359. The next day, when Karen saw that she had won the lottery, she wept tears of joy. For Karen, everything seemed to be coming together for her even at this late stage of life. Her health was improving. Since they began practicing TM together, her relationship with Bruce had never been better. Since she was meditating twice a day, she had more energy and she had won the lottery. Great dream and a great lottery win. She was a healthy adult, practicing a healthy dream system, and now her pocket book was healthier as well.

Thank you for visiting the Dream a Lottery Win Tonight web site. Here you will find revealing techniques on how to use your dreams to win the lottery. If you earnestly use these techniques, you will improve your chances of winning the lottery. I have and so has my family and others. Tonight you may have a dream that changes your life!